A show I liked before it got cancelled.

I’m generally behind the times when it comes to my program viewing. Most broadcast television is either (so-called) REALITY nonsense, some sort of competition to get famous (as if that’s the way you do it) or a re-tread of a police drama. Admittedly, I have grabbed a season of Law & Order (Sam Waterston’s the reason there) and I found several episodes of the Defenders decently rendered programming (now cancelled) but I usually catch the better shows after the fact. For one thing, we don’t have cable or Direct TV (Gasp of astonishment goes here) so I usually catch a glimpse of something that intrigues me when it’s in its final moments (Moonlight – the vampire show, not the old  Bruce Willis show) or by chance when it’s jammed into an unmentionable spot (Firefly @ 1am and the Battlestar Galactica premier movie on broadcast TV late on a Saturday night).

I have made great use of the public library and several now-defunct internet sites to view the previously mentioned programs. Of course, though it may not be appropriate in terms of copyrights and licenses, some industrious folks have edited and posted episodes of favorites on YouTube — in fact, the most recent object of my viewing pleasure, Stargate Universe, has been chopped up and posted almost in its two-season entirety.

I actually found the show on SyFy networks site where I used to find interesting, somewhat off-beat shows. Like most televised series, very little manages to maintain my interest after a couple of shows. Formulaic programming is a drag — that was the problem with the first two SG shows – same story every week, only the aliens/monsters changed and the solutions always came through in the last six minutes. SGU had a different look — yes, similar to BSG, but then again, how many good movies looked like Blade Runner after Blade Runner? Not all scifi either…

Needless to say, SGU grabbed my interest with stories that didn’t match its predecessors and characters that felt real. The hopeless feeling of BSG was there, yes, which is one of the things that made BSG so compelling for me – how will the characters handle this and will they ever conquer the situation?

Of course, I watched the series in blocks courtesy of the local library and SyFy’s site. With the lag between airing the show and posting the episodes on SyFy I finished the last few episodes via YouTube. With only a couple chinks in the storyline (that didn’t bog anything down) it came to a real conclusion this week with a truly well-done episode, maybe some of the best TV I have seen in some time. At the risk of sounding corny it was a beautiful ending to the show, not answering every question or hinting at untold storylines. Maybe it’s the stuff that fantasies should grab hold of from time to time, the reason or essence of what makes us want to watch the impossible open up and fuel our imaginations. That’s the artist in me, I guess….

I congratulate the entire cast and crew of SGU – I understand WWF supplanted the show based on ratings. Well, so-called wrestling is bad fiction and far less believable than anything on SGU…… The tussle between Rush and Young was far more realistic.

So much for my non-musical rumination.