It’s a new year….

… so I best get back into the rhythm of writing and posting regularly.

In actuality, I’ve been immersing myself in work, both musical and personal, meaning I’m holing up in my own world following a creative surge of energy. That energy has often been directed to composing and recording musical material for possible features in film, television and other audio/visual markets. I do post samples on a ReverbNation page specifically for my ensemble compositions:

I’m getting much better at composing on demand – in fact, I composed then engineered a piece in two hours for a low-budget horror film. Though I haven’t heard anything back from the producers, I am pleased with Her Dark Heart – I did overstep my original intention and added some embellishments featuring the melody being twisted and turned in and around itself before the piece begins. Check it out here: Without the intro it feels SciFi-like- I’ll keep it in rotation for inquiries.

The oft-rumored much-delayed CD project Balance is underway for real this time. I am, as usual, highly critical of my recorded work and while the many technical gremlins seem to be dashed for the time-being, my critical ear for the final product is a real challenge for me. In addition to wanting every note to be perfect, I’ve also found out that the many live solo dates throughout the Summer offered the wonderful opportunity to develop the pieces further. While, in and of itself, this is a good thing, I now go back and listen to tracks from earlier in the year and discover I am performing them very differently now. When I review those recorded versions I find I must listen with the mindset that they are perfectly good versions of the tunes – I must struggle to not re-record newer renditions or else I end up in an endless loop of recycling myself. Each time I play the songs there are differences – I’m slowly accepting that and, unless there are serious problems with the performance, I need to recognize that the earlier versions are fine and will work perfectly on the release.

I am happy to say the cover art now exists in a new, much-improved version:


The first cover featured the photo of the dancer/gymnast from my former arts school with her arms outstretched (which brought the title Balance to mind). However, when I showed my wife the cover she immediately asked where I’d gotten a photo of a nude woman dancing and if I really wanted to put that on a CD cover. In fact, my PhotoShop manipulations had altered the photo and gave the appearance that the woman was, in fact, not wearing a leotard for her routine. I did attempt to correct this, but my efforts looked very much like I was covering up a naked lady in a photo. I perused my collection of photos taken while on the road and found the intriguing one above – it may still be tweaked before the release, but it’s pretty close to the way I want it to look now (and I don’t feel the need to paint fake sleeves on any part of it).

There has also been some familial adjustments following my mother’s passing – nothing serious or debilitating. The feeling in our small family circle is somewhat different. A few loose ends are being tied up, as well.

Getting back to blogging for the New Year. I promise.

Happy 2016!







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