Yes, I am finally back…..

… and I do apologize for my absence. While I abhor excuses, even if they are justifiable, I always feel as if I’m defying belief relating them. However, this time I’d like to briefly explain why I haven’t been posting.

My mother passed away last month. Her health had been slowly declining, beginning about five years ago, and she was in assisted care in a nursing home. She had periodically had concerns with her health that required additional care and a visit to the hospital during that time, but she did not suffer from a terminal disease or condition. To be honest, there were times when I would visit her (which I was able to do several times each week) and come away feeling frustrated and sad — I’d cloister myself away and avoid my front office duties for a few days as a result. Of course, I’d scramble to catch up and get back on track.

While I knew that she was slowly diminishing with each day, I realized how valuable my time was with her and how much each visit meant to both of us. This had a strong effect on how I perceived my own life and the effect I could have on others and I always brought my deepest sense of well-being to each visit with her. Not only did it provide support for her, but it had an amazing effect on the other residents at the facility and on the nursing staff as well. It had a profound effect on me — through bringing that determination to the fore, I felt so wonderful that I was able to be part of her life to the very end. I do owe that insight to my Buddhist practice and the emphasis of placing true value in human life and realizing that value can be created no matter what the situation — it can, indeed, transcend whatever limits we may have thought were in our way.

While I endeavored to keep the business moving along, I have discovered some loose ends — my blog is one of them. I’ll be getting some of the drafts finished and get a regular schedule going. I do have a lot to say, especially when it comes to music, so I better get busy….

In the meantime, here’s something from my trio’s Doyelstown Arts Festival date:




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