I always say ‘I wish I was busier’…

… when it comes to my musical pursuits. I just reviewed the past two months and realized I have covered a lot of musical territory. Most interesting was a solo classical guitar date for a private event in the beautiful Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. First off, I am not a classical guitarist — I’ve used classical material to develop my fingerstyle playing technique and have booked several short dates in the past, performing the short pieces by Carulli, Giuliani, DeVisee. This date was three hours and I practiced classical pieces exclusively for the entire week before the gig. Additionally, I listened only to Xuefei Yang‘s music in the car. It worked! The gig was a success, the guests took the time to compliment me (a rarity on most private events) and I felt truly satisfied.

The experience resulted in my coming back to my usual repertoire with a different perspective. I noticed details, found new improvisational ideas and even started adjusting my playing technique with the old tunes as well as the newer material. My sound on the classical-style guitar is so much better now, which is a serious benefit in both the short- and long-term.


Matt at World Cafe Live

World Cafe Live

Prior to this, I did get the Group out in public at the Arts In The Park festival in Eastampton NJ in September. It was a one-set show and it went by too fast – we were the first group, starting at 11:30 which may have been too early. We had a transient audience of early arrivals who wanted to check out the entire grounds while we were engaged in our musical excursions. I was pleased to have Steve Beskrone on bass once again along with my long-standing musical compatriot Adrian Valosin on drums. My son Matthew captured the set on video (though he kept shuffling around as those early folks passed through which impacted the cinematic quality of the vids). It was a powerful set of music with the shortest but most highly energized version of Tin Tin Deo we’ve ever done. If I can boast a bit: it was the best live sound I’ve ever had! The videos are on my YouTube page: http://YouTube.com/mattrichardsmusic.


Tony Hughes and I returned as a duo to the Paris Wine Bar, our favorite and most wonderful jazz lounge. (I am glad I had the chance to see Bevin before she soared off to the far far north — we played our last set of the night just for her.) We’ve re-determined to record our pairing ASAP.


I’ve been serenading the early Saturday (9am) shoppers at the Ambler Farmers’ Market since the Summer. Everyone involved with this weekly event has been so gracious and accommodating. Even though the last two dates started on the cold side, I enjoyed being part of this community’s efforts.


Matt with his Overdrive II pedal

Matt with his Overdrive II pedal

Coming up – solo guitar for Jazz By Night In Media; three guitars at the Woodmere Museum; a guitar/vocal duet of the music of Kate Bush with Arlyn Wolters; further adventures with Howard Miller & Friends and more…..!

It’s late. Stay warm.



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