Guitar things…

…. are on my mind. And it’s been a while since I posted.

My apologies.

In the midst of preparing for a trio date in September along with the frequent farmers’ market appearances, I haven’t had the focus to put my thoughts down in printed form. Really! Then, I received a late-night email regarding a private event desiring classical guitar — three hours of classical guitar. Of course, the fee was appropriate — more importantly, I saw it as an opportunity to immerse myself in a genre that I’ve intermittently tip-toed into. Between four to six hours of practicing with charts was both a struggle and a benefit, especially where my technique is concerned. The gig went great, hosted at the Rodin Museum in Philly (which has the ultimate cathedral-like room ambiance for recording solo acoustic guitar).

Oh yes, the Matt Richards Group re-appeared last month for the Arts In The Park festival in Burlington County NJ. With bassist Steve Beskrone and drummer Adrian Valosin joining me for a somewhat too early 11am spot, we hit it hard and lived up to the power jazz trio moniker. I had the best sound I’ve ever had on a live gig (’75 Hagstrom Swede, ’80s Lab L3 amp) and, thanks to my son Matthew, there is footage which now resides on YouTube and Fandalism:

I had been a bit slow to post on Fandalism but once I did it’s become meteoric, with viewers from all over the world and a flame (meaning my videos are hot! — just sayin’).

Also, I finally posted the late Spring appearance from Cafe Improv in Princeton NJ — my latest rendition of I Shot The Sheriff. Interestingly, it was on this locally broadcast program several years ago when I first played a spontaneous solo version of that very tune. I actually engage in a bit of two-handed fretboard introductory adventuring that turned out pretty decent.

I’ve also been staying up late and composing with my wonderful Finale program — really falling for violins in the process. I am working up several backing tracks for guitar features as well as stand-alone pieces. My wife is encouraging me to investigate soundtrack work after hearing the finished products. A distinct possibility…..

Well, I’m getting more literary inspiration but my circadian rhythms are demanding sleep. Here’s a quick shot from the Cafe Improv date:

Matt at Cafe Improv 5/25/13

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time. Stay well.



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