It’s a Summer thing!

I mean the disturbing feeling that the months of June, July and August are shorter than the other nine. Obviously, they’re not, but I recall how long they were when I was in school and how Summer went on until I felt spent during the last week in August. Now I find myself going back over the calendar and trying to figure just what I did to make the days move so rapidly. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have a more mature outlook….? Gee, I hope not.

Good news: more performances coming up for Fall. Check the calendar on my website: The Matt Richards Group will be back in Eastampton NJ for the Arts In The Park festival — this will be a killer date, with Adrian Valosin and Steve Beskrone joining me. It will be worth an early Sunday drive – we’ll be living up to the moniker Power Jazz Trio that was bestowed upon us. There are duo dates with guitarist Tony Hughes, featured spots with pianist Howard Miller and his group, as well as solo performances. I’ve also adjusted my recording plans for a new solo release and hope to start recording at home (aka MRC Studios) next week. Long-range plans are underway, but I’m not giving a glimpse of those just yet…..

Finally, upon request, I submitted a photo of myself with my favorite distortion pedal to Option 5 for inclusion on their website. Check it out, by all means. Since you’re here right now here are the two contenders:

Matt w/ hagstrom & overdrive Matt w/ Godin & overdrive

By the way, the pedal is SUPERB, that’s why I’m glad to have my photo on the site.

Time to rest — until the next time…. 




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