Opening for Peppino D’Agostino…

…. is going to be first-rate. He’s one of a few solo guitarists that I can fit comfortably with on a booking. Stylistically, he’s in his own place, but it’s a well-developed, highly musical place. Playing mostly original pieces he does utilize alternate tunings but it’s not just the same song with different notes — his music is, for lack of a better descriptive, musical. A lot of the players re-tune and play these static pieces that result from the tuning. It tends to be a bit light on melody, flow, direction. Peppino’s music is engaging — the tuning is secondary to the piece. He’s also a Godin endorsee (like me) playing Seagull guitars. Of course, I’ll be utilizing my LaPatrie classical cutaway (which has opened up a lot in the past few months). This is a promo that been making the rounds:

Sellersville promo

Sellersville promo

Still wrestling with my set list — I want the perfect opener! Maybe it doesn’t matter what I play but how I play it…..

Back to practicing — I’ll post updates from the show as they happen (

See you soon….. or maybe at the Sellersville Theater!



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