And things keep moving along

Well, it seems I’ve survived my first flu bout in seven years — I did follow my son’s week-long lethargy with five days of my own sleepiness and general misery. Strangely, it began as a cold (another rare malady for me), progressed to real flu symptoms the next day, then returned to cold-style suffering along with additional fatigue. Of course, I do remember how to handle this sort of thing, which includes mega-dosing vitamins and certain amino acids and sleeping quite a lot. Obviously, we never get flu shots — I’m not certain if once-every-seven-years makes it necessary now. (Actually, this was the first time ever for my son getting the flu.) I’ve got time to research and consider for next year….

Prior to my illness I did play a great solo show at Jeanes Memorial Library. Sadly, the turnout was less than great, probably due to the 6pm start time. However, things worked very well — the small but very involved audience had an up-close-and-personal concert, including questions and answers about the music, the guitar and my experiences. This is something that wouldn’t be do-able with a large audience and I enjoy the intimacy and direct connections that result from these small gatherings. I always determine to connect directly to everyone that I perform for regardless of the size of the size of the venue — while a full house makes me feel energized, it’s important to play at my best no matter what. If only one person shows up I want that person to have a fantastic experience. And, yes, there is video of the show — overall quality is good for a side-angle the entire time. The sound is a bit thin (probably due to the position of the camera) — after I allow the ‘cooling process’ to take place (and I forget what I thought were rough spots at the time), I’ll edit , tweak and upload to my YouTube page.

Of course, you can check out the videos anytime:

Time to practice for my opener with Peppino D’Agostino.

Hasta pronto!

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