Always a challenge, it seems…

… to make phone calls to bookers. I always feel like I’ve got to do my  elevator pitch and enthrall him/her in spellbinding wonder with the outlandish (but true) benefits my performance will bring to their venue (in terms of artistic magnificence and of $$$ earned). On the bad days I can play mind games with myself and hope the voicemail picks up once three rings have gone by — of course, it’s better to get the actual person live on the phone rather than leaving a message which can be easily ignored/deleted when the person doesn’t immediately recognize my name. Truth be told, in most cases, when I do speak with someone it goes rather well — I attempt to sound professional and personable, experienced in this craft yet approachable without being desperate… I’m still trying to find a formula that I can just plug in and ride on that will guarantee success. I sort of know it doesn’t exist…..

Matt's LaPatire nylon-string

LaPatrie top-down

I am pleased with the website: I carefully re-formatted pages and made it easier (I think) to navigate and find what needs to be found when it needs to be found. At odd times in the day or evening I’ll just jump onto the site and click around to assure it’s working properly and efficiently. It is. Funny thing, I really don’t know how I am able to work with html for the site — it’s totally trial/error. And patience when it’s more error than trial….

Time to practice before the guilt about the phone calls overtakes me.

A mas tarde!



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