Feels like January never touched down.

Quite honestly! I noticed the late date in the month and it doesn’t seem possible that the days have whirled by. It’s claimed that as you get older the days go faster — if that’s the case, in another couple of years I may blink and lose a day…..

I did manage the two-day sojourn to New York City for promotional workshops, the great duo date at Paris Wine Bar with my guitar-mate Tony Hughes and my re-acquainting myself with geometry basics (courtesy of my son’s request for help with mid-term projects and reviews). Funny thing, I remember most of the math I learned throughout my life except for Geometry.

I did come down with that Australian stomach malady (it managed to piggyback with a cold) which rendered me more fatigued than I have ever felt before. I’m not used to getting sick and, if/when I do, not being sick for more than a half-day or so.

Now that I’m back on track I can face my disappointment in not attending the winter NAMM Show in Anaheim CA. I was juggling three different gig dates that ended up having a bit too much downtime from one to the other. I opted to skip the trip and, instead, saw continual updates of so many players I know personally at the show. I was so determined to get those dates to line up my way that I let my frustration over-ride my decision-making. The show looked to be action-packed and I really did miss being in the midst of it and, maybe even more, seeing acquaintances like George and Aaron Lowden, Bill Reim, Ed O’Donnell, Robert Godin, Fred DiSanto, Mary Faith…. Okay, I’ll head to Nashville NAMM in July then make sure NAMM ’14 is on the itinerary.

Now it’s back to the ‘front office’ for emails / calls/ emails / calls…. you get the picture. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a new booking agent hat for 2013…. it could be a good luck charm that makes all of the bookings come together on the very first call. No… life doesn’t work that way. Besides, I hate wearing hats at home.

There will be some website updates and tweaks. And (guitar fans) I may change back to .010s on the solid-body Swede. Decisions, decisions…..

I’m deciding to log off and practice. Action-packed day tomorrow! I’ll make it so! (NamMyohoRengeKyo!)

I’ll include some photos next time.




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