Just an update….

… on things as they unfold.

I just made last-minute arrangements to attend the Jazz Connect Conference at APAP/NYC this Thursday and Friday in, yes, New York City. I actually must thank fellow guitarist Rick Stone for posting the listing on his e-bulletin and making me aware of it. So far, it looks like I’ll attend the entire first day of the conference even before I check in at my hotel — the conference starts at 9 am and ends at 3pm; my check-in time is 3pm. Ah well, things go differently in NYC…

I did have a shock when I went online to book transportation via AMTRAK. I filled in my departure/return dates and up comes a screen with a price ($51). Of course, I am ecstatic as it’s just a couple of dollars over the local train round-trip fare….. except the AMTRAK price isn’t round-trip. It’s one-way! It’s only after selecting a return time that the total price is shown and, even with the AAA discount it’s still over the top. After investigating parking fees for the two days ($51/day) I opted for the rails (which I haven’t used in ages). As it turns out, between SEPTA and NJT my round-trip is reasonable — however, I will be leaving at 5:01am!

Another update:  I will not be in California later in the month as planned. My annual trip to the West for the NAMM Show and gigs in/around it just didn’t come together this year. The dates offered were too spread out, leaving lots of downtime between them. It didn’t add up so I had to cancel. The NAMM Show is a blast and I usually attend with the graciousness of Godin Guitars — believe me, just hanging in their room and playing ALL the guitars is almost worth the trip… Add to that spending time playing and discussing guitars with luthier extraordinaire George Lowden and, well, everything else and I can almost talk myself into going just for NAMM. But I haven’t earned a vacation yet this year, which is what the trip would be without performing dates included.

I’ve been back in reclusive mode since December, though the PR continues. And, in case you read the last blog, the .011s are working out just fine on the the Swede.

Thanks for checking in! Until the next time….



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