.. to what I’m hearing on my car CD player.

John Coltrane – Ballads

Peter Bernstein – Monk

Pat Metheny – What’s It All About

Casandra Wilson – Standards (I think that’s the title….)

John McLaughlin – Now Here This

I find myself noticing details recently that went unnoticed for years. I guess I’m getting better as a musician (I hope). I am most definitely zeroing in on certain aspects of my own playing more, as well, paying attention to how I get my sound and what I need to get the ideal sound.  Of course, I work with classical-style guitar in my solo and flute-duo work and electric guitar everywhere else… and fretless guitar as well… so my logic has to stretch-to-fit. But, so far, it seems pretty accurate and my sound is getting better, to be sure.

Spending time reviewing / editing / doing post-production on audio and video tracks from my concert with Katherine Barbato last month. Once again, my ever-reliable Tascam DR-1 captured things impeccably. My trusty Kodak Zi8 got a very clean video record of the gig. After giving the tracks time to ferment (aka letting my memory gloss over the rough musical spots that I winced over at first) I’m hearing a great chronicle of the evening and the superb level of playing that Katherine and I have achieved thus far. Ultimately, we should record in a studio environment and really focus on the sound quality up front rather than after the fact…. I do have one of the tunes on video  on my YouTube page: More will follow….

Until next time…..




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