Time for equipment

It’s been a while since I went over the gear I’m currently using. It’s actually more tweaking and re-thinking rather than bringing new things into the setup.

This is the latest version of my pedalboard (for electric guitar only). From my earliest version in 1979 (which contained ten effects from MuTron, Boss and a range of oversized/overbuilt pedals) I’ve tried different setups, from rough-cut wood to injection-molded Boss boards. The minimalist/modular idea came from Scott Henderson’s and Sonny Landreth’s setups, simple and portable. The main board holds the Boss volume pedal, Roto Choir, Boss DD2 and Reverb pedals and can be used alone when I don’t use overdrive or amp switching. The small board holds the Boss A/B switcher and the Tubulator. The full setup goes like this:  guitar into A/B; B into tubulator into ‘dirty’ amp; A into volume pedal into roto choir into DD2 in reverb into clean amp.

The amps are Labs – two L5 (100w, 2X12) and one L3 (60w, 1X12). If the gig calls for it I use the L5s, one clean one slightly overdriven. Smaller gigs get the L3 either alone or with a Peavey Backstage (65w, 1X10). The Labs are transistor amps that are built to respond and sound like tube amps — and they do! I am in the market for another L3 right now. The Peavey (which is not pictured) is very clean, warm and loud but lacks the complexity in the midrange that the Labs have.

While I do play a similarly-aged Hagstrom Viking, my trusty mid-70s  Swede has been playing and sounding fantastic thru the Lab amps lately. It’s strung with John Pearse round-wound nickel strings (.010 thru.046). It’s stock except for cosmetic items like knobs and pickup rings. I did replace the factory tuners with Shallers and have a re-fret done with medium fretwire about ten years ago when it needed it. Of course, there’s my Godin glissentar (no frets, 11 strings) which replaces the Hagstrom on certain tunes.

Picks (when I do use them) are usually Dunlop Gator Grip 2.0mm, though lately I’m trying out Adamas graphite picks, also 2.0mm.

That’s the electric rig for right now. I’ll detail my acoustic setup next time.

See you soon!

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