Great Summer Gigs — Later That Same Day

I assume the link above will get you to my YouTube page and allow you to watch some informal videos from the evening show at The Grand in Wilmington DE. This is the blues Mr. P.C. (not dedicated to Bill Gates, btw) by John Coltrane. I played the fretless Godin glissentar on this piece with very good results.

There are more videos from the gig being posted once they’re converted and tweaked a bit. I haven’t done anything to the sound (sorry!), though there isn’t much to do with people talking throughout the set. We weren’t holding back either so they really wanted to talk, it seems.

Steve Beskrone was the perfect fit with me and Adrian. He brought things out in the trio that were unique and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to include him many more dates. Everyone in a trio format is vital and when it’s ON it’s limitless. I know it was ON that night.

I had the best sound I’ve ever had with my setup: mid70s Hagstrom Viking or Godin glissentar, Lab L3 amp (60w, 1X12) and the newly conceived pedalboard with Boss DD2, RV2, volume pedal, Roto Choir and an Arion Tubulator. I had planned on using two amps with an A/B switch but went with one amp once I got there. It worked great.

I can get revved a bit and go into raves about the sets — I am a bit exhausted from housework (hanging shades, scraping paint, patching — all the things guitarists don;t do in order to protect our hands (which is what we tell our wives with straight faces). best bet for now is to visit my YouTube page which is under the title MattRichardsMusic.  Here’s a photo from the gig:

Matt Richards – guitar, glissentar; Adrian Valosin – drums; Steve Beskrone – bass.

And while I’m at it….

Matt playing his mid-70s Hagstrom Viking during his Group show at The Grand 7/25/12. (Note: pick in mouth is for convenience only, not for effect.)

I’ll be back soon.


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