Just when I think I know what I’m doing….

… I find out I saved the last post as a draft and didn’t actually publish it. And to think I used to be responsible for a giant IBM mainframe with a dual-core processor that needed to be cooled with anti-freeze and took up more room than the area of m y bedroom. I guess I am old-school…. when it comes to computers.

So, let me make up for the dumb move and bring in a great deal of what was in the blog that didn’t make it.

I had a lot to comment on following my performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival. All of my comments contained superlatives about the show, the accommodations, the way everything was handled, the audiences — to sum it up, First Rate!  The only thing I would change is arranging to spend more time there. Both my son and I are enamored with the city. I am impressed with the fact that they are able to give up so much time, money and dedicated effort to bring jazz to the public successfully. (Sadly, the coming Philly Jazz Fest has headliners only long-time resident jazz fans would recognize and cannot even hope to draw people from other cities let alone other countries.) I do respect the artists and people coordinating the Philly gig but after Montreal….. you get the picture.

I didn’t even mention the Montreal Guitar Show — World-class acoustic and electric (mostly archtop) instruments by small-shop ’boutique’ builders. The smell of high-grade wood in the rooms was magnificent. I did visit the Godin table (not a boutique dealer, but a Montreal legend) and Patrick Godin allowed me to play a fretted multi-oud as well as the fretless version and then handed me the beautiful Fifth Avenue Jazz archtop which I couldn’t let go. Without an amp I was practically swooning. Here’s a shot of me still in driving garb with my reason for a mid-life crisis:

Matt enjoys the feel and acoustic sound of Godin’s top-of-the-line archtop guitar.

I did post this backstage photo from my performance in Salon Inspiration at the Montreal Hyatt Regency:

Matt warms up before his set at the 2012 Montreal Jazz Festival

Interestingly, I was performing at the exact same time, though in a different venue, as my mentor Larry Coryell. I did wonder if I cut into his turnout….

Then there is the action shot from the show:

Matt plays his solo set at the 2012 Montreal Jazz Festival

It was a blast and I played some things that surprised me. I did play at the late-night jam session after midnight, though no one took photos or videos (that I am aware of) and my son was too tired to go running back to the Hyatt. I had to ‘roll the carpet in early’ anyway as we were leaving the next day with me behind the wheel the entire way. A late-night jam session does not improve one’s driving skills on I87.

Speaking of driving, I did the whole trip myself. Though at 16 he can legally drive, I didn’t want Matthew hurrying to get a license to try his ability on I87 at 70mph. The drive is really non-taxing as the Adirondacks are so picturesque and, once you leave Philly, the roads are in really good shape, especially in New York state.

I must offer my appreciation to everyone involved in bringing me to Montreal: the festival organizers and the staff who coordinated the schedules for all of the artists staying at my hotel. I also appreciate Patrick Godin letting me spend time warming up that Fifth Avenue for perspective customers. (Okay, I was playing for my own delight and enjoyment…)

It seems I’ve made up for the mis-post. I’ve got some new things of interest and will be previewing my setup and new pedalboard here for the 7/25 Grand Opera House double-date. Check back soon.

Thanks! See you then.


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