Countdown to Montreal

…begins! Looking forward to my first visit to perform in Montreal for the Jazz Festival this year. I will be playing at the Hyatt Regency Montreal with the Guitar Show portion of the festival.  Interestingly, I was proposing the Group for the festival when I was offered a solo date. Even though I think the group would fare very well at the festival, I am glad to be featured as a solo for a spot where guitarists, players and fans will gather. The ‘front office work’ (as I like to call it) has gone so smoothly with the folks in Montreal that I’ve joked it takes me longer to book a brunch gig in Philly than to book the Montreal Jazz Festival.  More phone calls and emails, to be sure, with slow or no replies.

Interestingly, while playing the now-familiar LaPatrie acoustic guitar Saturday evening in my duo with Nick Krolak I noticed a nerve-wracking vibration that produced distortion thru the pickup. This guitar will be going to Montreal so I wasn’t too happy when this cropped up. Happily, the amazing Jack Romano came to my rescue with his more-than-capable know-how in the guitar world and determined that, in fact, I did not have a damaged piezo element but a vibrating something inside the guitar. Looking forward to getting it back tomorrow, sounding and playing better than ever. If you’re in/near Philly and need first-rate guitar work he is The Man.

Also making a big jump with my releases: As You Are will become Official and not just a website item. I redesigned the cover and tweaked the selections — if you bought the special version I’ve had out since the turn of the year I will offer the new version at the old price ($10) instead of the usual release price. Live In Princeton (aka The Bootleg) is also ready for it’s official release. In case you didn’t seethe earlier posts, this is the Tascam DR1 recording that grew up and became a rough-around-the-edges finished product that harkens back to the 70s and the days of plain white LP sleeves with Xerox-copied inserts under the shrink wrap. It’s the group in a restaurant dining room setting where they are very into the music and we play for real (just not real loud) stretching ideas on every tune. Sadly, we lost the gig after more than four years – the management hinted at a change in the focus of the music months ago so….

Speaking of Saturday night…. at Paris Wine Bar, which sits rather un-French-ly in center city Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to play with Nick Krolak for the first time and I hope not the last time. A very talented musician and a truly nice guy — the night went almost too fast but I had a blast.

I need to wrap up some videos in addition to preparing for Montreal. While I’m on the subject of touring, it seems I will need o pull the plug on the Nashville NAMM show for mid-July. The proposed dates around the show haven’t worked out for various reasons so the plans come off the table.Too bad, as I was preparing to drive a lot this Summer to/from gigs.

Well, that’s the quick version — I will get another in before hitting the road. Stay well everyone!




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