Okay, it’s about time….

.. I get something posted.

Since the last time my wife is making a superb recovery from her eye surgery (as expected, but don’t tell her), my son is catching up and hitting 90+ on his grades (as I always knew he could, and you can tell him) and I’m really getting my sound and ideas together as I play (which I always knew I could do…. never mind!). It’s funny but since I’ve been playing a ‘classical’ guitar I miss the steel string guitar — then I pick up the steel string and want to go back to the classical. I’ve joked about this before, but I guess this is my mid-life crisis (which is far more manageable than getting divorced, dying my hair and cavorting with college coeds in a sports car). There are unique things I can do with each instrument though ultimately they are both guitars and, aside from bending strings, I use either one for the same purpose. Fact is, I can’t switch off in a single performance — adapting my technique from one to the other is tough (for me, at least) and requires adjustment.

On the more immediate front, I’ve decided to strip down the Montreal sojourn this month and just play Montreal. I was originally going to pull in dates before and after 6/30, but I was ending up with haphazard offers that may have produced more hassles than benefits. In fact, one venue actually suggested I sign up for the open-mic to play two songs (after paying admission, of course). While I am not against doing a ‘spot’, I would hope that the fact I am booked at the Montreal Jazz Festival would remove me from the need to do an open-mic to prove my worth. A brief feature w/o a guarantee would be fine, but some folks just don’t get it. And I never pay to play…..

While I do have a lot to sort through prior to Montreal, I’m determined to review the solo tracks that have been fermenting on my hard drive and get that ‘Bootleg’ group CD closer to reality. Now that I’m thinking about it why am I sitting here going on and on….?

It’s time for breakfast.


From the Dayside sessions, Matt with the fretless glissentar.


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