Balancing it all is important…

… and I’m beginning to see that I need to stay current as far as my music and practice time and to continue the ‘front office work’ of searching for gigs and doing constant PR.

In the ‘office’ I am building dates around my appearance at the Montreal Guitar Show (6/30) and the Nashville NAMM show in mid-July.  US maps hang overhead while I keep my trusty, well-worn road atlas at hand and figure which towns, routes and venues will fit my path and then try to get the dates that work.

After a five-year-hiatus I will be back at the Philly World Cafe Live tomorrow evening. I have intermittently checked with the booker there since that last date and they don;t book many instrumental artists. So, it seems I’ve gotten lucky (?) or they’re willing to give me a try and possibly bring instrumental performers back…. Either way, I am determined to do well.

I’ve been sticking with the nylon-string LaPatrie from Godin and it’s been a very playable guitar. In settings like this I do mic the guitar and blend it with the pickup. The guitar has an even, balanced sound and feel, though sometime I wish it had more flexibility in terms of dynamics. With the combined sound sources on gigs it sounds great. I’ve been using my Tascam DR-1 as a preamp and it smooths out the piezo like a charm. Of course, that means I can’t record the gig unless I take the direct piezo signal (which is not my favorite sound). I’ve strung it with D’Addario basses and LaBella 2001 / Argento trebles, both high-tension, and it has really opened up.

Coming off a great gig at the PHL Airport with my flutist partner Katherine Barbato, I feel really on the mark. The airport isn’t the ultimate setting for a guitar/flute duo, but we pulled it off and have been invited back. Of course, only travelers can catch us there so there are no guest lists…. You always connect with people from all over the country and, often, the world. And they treat us very well.

Almost finished with the Bootleg CD release for the Group — more on that later.

It’s time to practice….. after I answer these emails……. and tweet…..


Matt plays the Kimmel Center

Matt during his 2/18 solo performance at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

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