Less gear and better sound(?)

It’s hard to believe but I can actually get away with less in my gig bag when I use the nylon-string live. About two months ago I tried plugging the guitar output from the piezo/preamp into my Tascam DR-1 then taking the line out through a jury-rigged conversion to a 1/4″ phono plug and into the old Peavey amp. Not only did it sound great (minimal piezo quack) it even had decent reverb from the built-in effects on the recorder. I can now leave the old Behringer preamp and Alesis Nanoverb at home and just let the Tascam handle it. In fact, worked great for my solo set at the Kimmel just over a week ago.

As with most piezo-equipped classical guitars my LaPatrie has that obnoxious ‘squawk’ that the element imparts on the sound through most other preamp-type devices. I may trawl Ebay to find a second DR-1 to serve as a dedicated preamp for the guitar as I have gotten into the habit of recording my gigs with the Tascam. (I know, I can just hit record but it’s not the same – there’s no ‘air’ to the recorded sound, not to mention it won’t pick up the thunderous ovations that audiences provide during my performances.)

Hard to believe that at one time I carried two guitars, a ten-pedal custom-built pedalboard, a Leslie cabinet, Roland GR300 system and a Lab L5 2X12 to my gigs. Oh, I forgot to mention the Ebow….

But it was all worthwhile.

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