Busy… but I could be busier!

Coming off three gigs in the past week, including a solo at the Kimmel RPAC in Philadelphia and guests spots with PhillyHARP and Howard Miller.

The dates at the Kimmel Center are always first-rate — even though I’m a local artist in my hometown they treat you with respect and professionalism. Sound system and tech is top-notch and the audience is always a mix of people that respect and appreciate the art. I always increase my fan base and, more importantly, I enjoy the gig – the set was over and I still had three tunes to play. Lots of new material premiered. The PhillyHARP date gave me the chance to stretch my acoustic blues abilities, though it’s usually and electric gig. While it serves as a showcase for the members of the organization we do get some heavy-duty playing in. My monthly gigs with Howard Miller are always a blast — this time we were getting everything right on, including ‘Bemsha Swing’ and ‘Naima’ and quite a few other tunes. I do hope more listeners will come by (it’s the 4th Thursday evening of each month thru June).

Two solo dates in March at the Philadelphia International Airport came and went before I could even think about them — apparently some decision was made from ‘higher up’ to cancel the dates with the promise of a re-booking. These are a bit unusual to play as the environment is noisy and the audience transitory, though lay-overs offer enough steady listeners to gain  CD sales and new names on the sign-up sheet.

It’s time to get the phone working and use my MagicJack+ for all it’s worth. (By the way this new improved version is excellent and highly recommended by me.) Looking forward to increasing the number of dates so I can get the music out to the world (Yes, I AM serious) and earn some frequent flier miles in the process. I’ll include a photo courtesy of my son Matthew from the Kimmel date and get another posting in later this weekend.

Stay well and stay tuned.


Matt plays solo guitar at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia 2/18/12

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