Easy to forget what counts

In the midst of what has become an all-out pursuit, I finds myself frequently getting stuck in booking/managing/updating mode and grabbing the guitar only at the end of the day. Then it tends to be un-focused noodling around, without attempting to zero in on musical specifics like technique, sound, dynamics and even learning or developing new material.

The biggest problem, for me, is to forgo the guilt I feel when I pick up the guitar during the day to actually improve my musical skills instead of promoting and pitching myself endlessly. It’s easy to let your connection to your musicianship erode and that’s not good – the very thing you’re marketing is your musical self. It better be great when you finally land the gig.

While I sit down with the first Ralph Towner guitar volume and concentrate on what is necessary I’ll share a rehearsal clip. Even though it’s on YouTube I’m posting it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I had just received the LaPatrie guitar from Godin and decided to test my then-new Kodak video camera. The piece is Luis Bonfa’s Manha De Carnaval and, yes, since I hadn’t played a classical guitar in years I flub the harmonics near the end due to the shorter scale length. I think it turned out pretty well nevertheless.



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