And on the Next Day…

…I’ve produced another post!

I return to my old dilemma of steel sting guitar vs classical guitar. The advantages and disadvantages flow back and forth. What it ultimately comes down to is how I feel on a particular day. The classical inevitably offers more room on the fingerboard for tighter, more intricate voicings. A narrow fingerboard does not automatically mean a faster-playing guitar. It’s the neck shape, both front and back, and the string tension that makes or breaks the playability. The tone and texture of the sound is different, to be sure, but once I get into playing I seem to transcend the differences and take the music where it needs to go. There are steel-strings that have more generous fingerboards….

Hopefully, this is the worst of my midlife crises — I haven’t had the urge to test-drive a sports car or get botox injections. 

Bring on the guitars!


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