And I Posted the Very Next Day!

I broke my non-record for shortest time between blog posts. Keeping up with all of the social networking in addition to handling my own management and practicing (try it – rewards are great) is very labor-intensive. When results are long in appearing it can be nerve-wracking as well.

I am looking forward to an end to the holiday music being played incessantly in every retail store and coffee shop. Let’s face it, most Christmas music is overly-cute or very solemn and hearing a pop singer who is struggling to not only infuse aforementioned holiday classic with loudly-wrought notes of supposed emotion but to hit those notes in pitch (pitch correction only does so much) is enough to spike Cymbalta sales. Of course, before the holiday merriment Starbucks was promoting Jackson Five reissues non-stop which made even a short stopover become, well, short.

Today, one of my main concerns was my fingernails, specifically my right hand nails. Last year, I had taken the plunge and had acrylic nails applied prior to my trip to CA for the NAMM show. As previous readers know I am sorry to have waited so long and struggled for years with hardeners and fake nails and crazy glue. Sadly, the nail salon that proved so helpful and considerate was incinerated during a strip mall fire in the early Fall. After trying several other salons with mediocre results I have found a shop and a woman who actually has experience with guitarists and our ‘special needs’.

Getting more ideas about the instructional videos, hopefully doing a video later this week (once my son catches up on his algebra). With a range of short articles composed I should continue to pour my knowledge into an understandable form and publish it. (Then I can feel guilty about not calling bookers and venues.)

Well, I don’t want to go on – I need to post another entry tomorrow.




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