2012 Will Get Better

I’m still adjusting to the cold weather. Two years ago I was spending more time on public transportation and didn’t mind the cold as much – I wasn’t a fan and preferred warmth to seasonal chill. The biggest on-going issue is the dryness of my fingers. Lotions and creams are not protecting my skin which is flaking and cracking. I need to order Guitar Hands from the folks at John Pearse – the trial tubes were great so it’s time to buy it for real.

I have been posting occasional rants on FB and Twitter about the latest trend with live music venues:  the No Trio policy. Several booking people have expressed positive reactions to my group material but tell me they can’t book me unless I add a fourth member. This is the sort of thing that lounge acts will do for restaurants and hotels, usually with a vocalist fronting the band. Of course, these folks are quick to mention that budgets are tight – in other words, we pay you less to bring in a larger group to play.  I’m also wondering if there’s some irresponsible trio out there showing up late and drunk, playing out of tune and covering Lady G songs, making a bad name for ALL trios. (Probably not…..) It’s not just local gigs either, but venues which involve extended driving or flying. I’m trying to stay aloof for now

Rather than drone on, I’m going to try to post each day this week and be shorter and to-the-point in these blog entries.

Until next time….




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