Yes, it’s been weeks…

..since my last post. I’ve been gigging solo, with Katherine Barbato (flute) and with my good friend Howard Miller’s group and pounding along on the booking pavement and reviewing live tracks from five different gigs… Did I mention teaching… and being part of my family? I could use a team so I could delegate and direct (Though not for the family things) then I could practice…..!

Seriously, there is a lot going on and I know I need to keep plugging away as they all have or will have positive returns from my efforts.  And I’m the only one who can handle each piece and make it fit and work. So much for (almost) complaints.

First off, As You Are is now available — I’ve launched it quietly so far and it’s available only thru the website or in-person. I will be offering it at a reduced price, not only due to the current economic situation but owing to the fact it’s compilation (with some unreleased tracks included). With the Balance sessions on hold for now, I wanted to put something out in response to the inquiries I’ve received. I essentially put all of the recorded solo tracks from my four releases together on one CD for the listeners who prefer my solo playing. If you’re a real fan there are several unreleased pieces that were recorded during the Dayside sessions added for good measure. I am considering recording new versions of some of the older work (Hollow Victory comes to mind) but these are the originals.

I am reaching in to the local markets more and I’ve booked MilkBoy’s acoustic room in Bryn Mawr in November. I’m also chipping away for new venues for the group, mostly outside of the area. Sadly, the Philly market is not grand in the first place and it’s getting more worn lately, almost a social market instead of a gigging op. With parking fees escalating it’s possible to lose money on a slow night if you gig in center city. That sense of altruistic adventure is long-gone — remember New Light?

My son informs me it’s time to discuss Michio Kaku’s latest posting about terraforming Mars. I’ll post again soon!

Take care.


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