My electric sound…

… has never been better. When practicing this afternoon I plugged into the Lab L3 and discovered that no matter what guitar I played I had a fantastic sound.

As I’ve been obsessed (to a degree) with the classical guitar lately, switching to electric takes some getting used to — the strings, of course, feel different and the fingerboard is narrow when compared to the nylon-string. Not to mention the pick!

My first thought was to go with my trusty ’75 Hagstrom Swede (solidbody, 2XHB, the guitar I used on all of the sessions-for-hire) and it was a gem — the sound thru the L3 has body with a bit of bite on the top. I was ready to call it a day in terms of my gear selection when I decided, just to be sure, to bring out the mid-70s Hagstrom Viking (thin, mostly-hollow body, 2XHB, solid wood) and it was a no-brainer, as they say. The Viking is the best balance of acoustic feel and electric response.The standard for my electric sound.

Interestingly, the new Hagstroms aren’t made this way – they copy the Gibson ES335 and fill the body with a wood block. Of course, the overall quality isn’t the same, though they aren’t bad mid-priced guitars. The Lab amps were the brainchild of Robert Moog. I have used an L5 since they came out in the late 70s and they have THE sound. I did engage a Moog employee at the winter NAMM show in a discussion about the amps — turns out the patents were sold off in a bankruptcy after Norlin sold Gibson and its affiliated brands and the Moog company has no rights to the amps. (I really wanted to inspire them to begin production again with, of course, the new Matt Richards model — oh well….)Who needs tubes when you have this?

Looks like the Witherspoon setup for Tuesday evening will be:

Hagstrom Viking (70s) / John Pearse .011 nickel strings / Boss DD2 / Boss RV2 / Boss FV50 / Lab L3 — oh yeah, the pick…. Gatorgrip 2.0 or a Surfpick.

Hope to see some familiar faces Tuesday evening.

Take care.


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