September is Here…

.. and I still get that feeling that I had as a kid when August came to an end — Where did Summer go? It seems to slide past faster than it did back then. Of course, now I’m wondering how all of the ‘Summer Projects’ could remain unfinished when I had them under control in June…. Paint brushes at the ready!

On the musical side of things I played my second ‘Jammin on the 1’ at InFusion Coffee this past weekend to the usual Philly in August turnout. I may be a bit tough on the city as August, especially the last two weeks, is never the best time to draw a crowd (unless there’s something free to eat or provocatively-dressed young women in attendance) in any location. I am the only musical artist in attendance as it is a writers/spoken word event, but that’s kind of interesting.

I will be back at Witherspoon Grill with the Group Tuesday 9/6 and I am looking forward to this. Budgetary constraints and a host of other obstacles have curtailed so many events thru the warm months that we haven’t gigged at all…. While I was considering bringing my wonderful nylon-string for the night, I realize the electric guitar offers more textures and a certain sound that not only works with the group but gives me more to work with, especially on a 3-set night. I ma looking forward to gearing up the Group for more performance-oriented settings where we can play fewer sets and focus our energies and playing to the utmost.

I’ve also acquired two private dates where I’ll be playing completely classical repertoire. Talk about a challenge — I am re-learning loads of pieces and focusing on my technique and interpretation more than ever. Of course, guitarist Xuefei Yang is a monumental inspiration — she is fantastic both musically and technically.

The retrospective As You Are should be available via the website later this week. I’m putting this out only thru the website for now. It’s a collection of the solo guitar pieces that I’ve released since 1999 and includes several unreleased tracks for good measure.

Time to get the ladders and dropcloths out and in place. Then I get to practice…

Happy Labor Day!



The guitar takes a deserved break.

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