Keeping things going and going….

Yes, it has been a while since I last logged on and posted –it my last post I explaining the various detours that I’ve been taking in my goal of finishing my CD Balance. (It’s not done yet…..)

Well, in response to a recent posting on FaceBook regarding the CD’s status a listener who is a fan of my solo work inquired if he new recordings are all solo performances and stated they would look forward to such a release. It occurred to me that all of my releases thus far have included some solo pieces alongside either overdubbed tracks, duets, or group performances. I’ve decided it’s time to rectify that.

I am compiling and releasing a retrospective CD As You Are which will include only the solo performances from my four CD releases.  In addition, I am reviewing tracks that didn’t make the final cut but are not outtakes or cut&paste fragments. I will, initially, make the CD available only through my website and at live dates.  Hopefully, the compiling will be complete by my performance at InFusion in Philly on 8/5 and I’ll have some for sale that night.

Of course, I continue my front office work in the on-going quest for venues and opportunities for solo and trio dates as well as settings for the flute/guitar duo and workshops. (I am sincerely interested in pursuing dates in Canada — if anyone has suggestions or opportunities let me know and we can work something out!)

Time to get back to work — be seeing you soon.

Matt Richards with Godin Spectrum



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