Oh yeah… that new CD….

I realize that just a few weeks ago I was running in circles regarding the new CD Balance — of course, if you’ve been keeping track of my goings on you know that the whole script for that release changed once the fine tuning of the tracks commenced. ( You can back-track through the previous postings to catch up… )

After throwing my studio gear down and around me in a mad attempt to finish things, I realized I need to take my time and create something of quality. While digital technology and mass production have made it easy to produce musical product, it’s also made it easy to produce less-than-great musical product quickly. Too many of us have gotten excited about the prospect of flooding the market with every (almost) inspired moment of creativity. I’ve been recorder-happy at my gigs, throwing the DR-1 alongside the speakers and then bringing the tracks back and torturing them via Sound Forge to iron out whatever inconsistencies might interfere with a wonderful track. After trawling through over 60 live tracks for Balance and tweaking and filtering and cutting/pasting for innumerable hours I have awakened to the fact that some tracks have it and some don’t. You can do some fixes with EQ and compression and even edit a scratch or zing but having played the piece live in front of others is often the best result. A great performance doesn’t always hit the recorder the right way — I’ve learned after countless hours to erase the bad ones, let go of the inferior recordings and make  metal notes about what I played with the intention of making the next gig superb.

Now I am sitting down and pressing the REC button with less pressure and liking what I hear and noticing it needs very few edits….

By the way, here’s a shot after one of those sessions:


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