The rumors are greatly….

… exaggerated! I am still here, working diligently on the music, the bookings, my son’s homeschooling and the eradication of weeds in the lawn.

I’m about half-way through the recordings for the much-rumored, much-delayed Balance. In case you aren’t a FaceBook friend you haven’t been following the ups and downs of my latest recording project, I’ve had to discard half of the intended tacks fro this CD release due to ambient noise during my live dates. I started toting my Tascam DR1 to gigs and recoding everything, mostly for reference. It turns out the recording quality was so good I decided to release my best performances on a CD – however, the EQ and post-production brought out an unheard problem, audience noise. Not just an occasional teaspoon clink or subdued cough – there are full one-sided conversations going on while I’m playing my best rendition of Angel Eyes, espresso machines hissing their way through Hollow Victory.

While bookings are a challenge with the economy floundering so much, I am pleased to be working up a guitar / flute duo with two different flutists. Both Michel Florijn and Katherine Barbato are superb musicians and are interested in the possibilities that the musical pairing can offer. It’s a very different challenge for me as I carry the accompaniment completely as well as solo in most of the pieces. Both my technique and my dynamic sense are getting a renovation, not to mention my musical considerations, which work differently partnered with a flute. But it is a blast!

As it’s now Wednesday in the am I need to sleep. I will be posting more about all sorts of things so please stay tuned.




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