Busy / Not Busy….

I’ve been away from the blog for several weeks — most of it spent wrestling with the material for the new CD. After careful review and serious consideration I have decided to scrap more than half of the tracks I planned on including on the CD. As it turns out, the venues I played & recorded in through 2010 were so intimate that conversations during my performances were picked up as loudly as the music. Hence, I have a great performance of Angel Eyes that is marred by a woman loudly discussing her home insurance policy with someone via her cellphone.

Espresso machines are another not-so-welcomed audio guest during my gigs. Funny thing, I don’t notice most of this going on while I play — it’s only after the fact that I hear the extraneous stuff that ruins so many great performances. While I have heard artists announce to noisy patrons that they will not play until everyone is silent, I suspect that most of the patrons may have walked out on me which would incur the wrath of the management of each venue.

Back to the recording — I am in the process of recoding additional tracks, mostly material that was recorded live but marred by noise beyond my control. There are seven live cuts that survived so I need to record more. It may be time to follow through with my threat to do the Shubert waltz with a self-produced guitar trio and a generous reference to Django and some newer pieces (including the bossa written on a lovely Lowden guitar at the NAMM show in January).

I’ve also been digging deeper in terms of venues and performances. A lot of venues and organizations are canceling or scaling back on live music due to budgetary constraints. Interestingly, I was offered a spot on a summer festival in CA for sales only, no pay. While the booker showered me with well-intentioned apologies, it’s not possible to even consider doing this given the travel and time involved.

I always feel a bit nervous in the early part of the year as gigs are usually on the thin side — this year they’re so thin they vanish when they turn sideways and they aren’t turning back to face me yet…..

Well, I’ve got time to practice…. and work on Balance (the new CD).

Hope all is well — hasta pronto.




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