Not ready to deal with the cold….

Seeing the thermometer sitting firmly at 28F first thing in the morning is disheartening — I know I have to give in and start wearing gloves and scarves and heavy jackets that prevent my gigbag from staying on my shoulder.

I always need to fight the desire to just fall into a chair once I feel the heat of the indoors and vegetate, delighting in the fact I am not exposed to the frigid elements on the other side of the door. I admit I did give in last night, as I had no gig, and almost caught up with Stargate Universe — I know it’s been criticized as being more of a Battlestar Galactica spin-off than an SG1 descendant (which isn’t a bad thing at all, IMHO), but it’s been engaging as a story and the characters are believable. It has avoided the formulaic approach that SG1 and Atlantis fell into so easily, so that’s a plus. I find so little interesting televised programming (including cable) and the very few I do grab hold of are enjoyed in blocks of two or three – my schedule rarely allows me the lazy pleasure of regular TV viewing.

On to music — I need to sit down later today and finalize the Kimmel Center Bootleg, surreptitiously recorded during my Group’s performance in November.  Though the RPAC does not permit recording during performances, I did (totally on the spur-of-the-moment) slide my Tascam DR1 onto the music stand onstage and was rewarded with a very good recording — in fact, the mics picked up the acoustic sound of my Hagstrom Viking. I’m not quite sure what to do once the tracks are done, maybe offer a bonus download for the holidays…..? I’ll consider it.

Sadly, the financial situation has abbreviated yet another series. My annual performance(s) at the Philadelphia International Airport may ave stopped after an annual run of 10 years! As many of you know the Autumn offers a number of regional festivals that have given me both solo and group opportunities to play. It is definitely time to concentrate even more on international possibilities. I know many countries are suffering economically (and I won’t get long-winded on my opinion here) but there are still quite a lot of festivals going on outside the US featuring major artists so……

I will be heading out to warm, sunny Anaheim CA for the annual NAMM show in January. In addition to logging time in at the rooms of Godin Guitars, George Lowden, EMG and John Pearse Strings, I will be anywhere/everywhere playing and sitting-in with old and new acquaintances. This year my son will accompany me and serve as the official video documentor.

Time to get to work — my friend pianist Howard Miller has included me in his trio for what will be a monthly jazz jam in Abington PA and I need to re-learn a lot of tunes, especially since I’ll be doing the heads…. of course, it’s something I need to do and now I have to do it.

Enough chatter — if I get all the housework done my wife might let me go to a jam session tonight. Of course, it will be cold….


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