And I DO like to play the Blues…

Matt's Lab L3 (after the accident)

The saga of the Lab L3 continues — I took it along to the monthly blues jam at PSALM in the Philly suburbs and it held it’s own with the Fender and Vox tube amps. I relied on driving the channel volume into the master for some drive — I may bring along the trusty Tubulator to push things a bit further next time. I rarely set up an amp to push the master as I do rely on a clean sound for most of my gigs. But this should do the trick….

So, I show up at the session with  self-rebuilt Lab amp from the late 70s, an Arion distortion pedal and a Cort-Steinberger guitar. Of course, USA Fenders are the norm here, but being different doesn’t bother me — especially when the gear and sound is first rate! Bottom line always is to judge gear for what it is and does, not what its reputation is (or is supposed to be).

In case you’re behid on the Lab L3 saga visit my previous blog postings on Tumblr from my first posting here.

Until the next time…

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