Following a great Group performance…

The Kimmel Center pedalboard

… at Philly’s regional performing arts center (the Kimmel Center) I can’t help feeling very satisfied and inspired. The group sounded and played great and I had the best guitar sound I’ve ever had. My compliments and appreciation to the staff at the Kimmel (especially Megan, Vanessa and Bob) for making this go so smoothly. I’d be glad to do this every week, though in all fairness there are other artists who deserve to get their turn on this stage.

For the guitar aficionados — I used my mid-70s Hagstrom Viking with John Pearse nickel electric strings (.011 set), through a pedalboard (yes, a new one exists) and into the Lab L3 (newly cobbled together after the FedEx mishap). The guitar and amp are a fantastic combination – the amp has the most tube-like sound with a mid-range richness that I can’t describe…. the pedals included an Arion Tubulator (yes, that’s right), Boss flanger, Boss volume, Boss DD2 and RV2. This Tubulator, I’ve been told, has a clone of the original Ibanez Tube Screamer circuit and I believe it.

What really counted was the performance – Adrian and Chris have the best interactive dynamic I’ve ever been a part of. They are the text-book example of a bassist and drummer who really connect on every level… and they’re great guys to work with. I did press Record on my DR1 at the beginning of the set and actually got a fairly clean recording on the stage. Maybe I’ll send out a bonus track for the holidays……

I’m getting deep into Ted Greene’s Chord Chemistry book — what a brilliant musician. I’m pondering ideas and clearing a lot of cobwebs out of my mind — it’s shocking how habits get so ingrained but it’s good to give them a hard shake-up now…

It’s been a busy family day and I still didn’t finish painting the porch. (Luckily it’s just some touch-ups.) I’ll be posting again soon…

All the Best!

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